Dr. Dimitar S. Stoychev
Institute of Physical Chemistry

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

(+359 2) 979-2529

Dr. Dimitar S. Stoychev is a Professor at the Institute of Physical Chemistry - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – Head of Electrocrystallization and Functional Galvanic Coatings Lab. He was born in the town of Rila, Bulgaria where he attended the polytechnic high school. Then he graduated from the St.Petersburg Institute of Technology (Russia) in 1969, receiving diploma in electrochemical engineering (MS degree). In the same year he joined the Institute of Physical Chemistry at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia. He got his Ph.D. degree in 1980 from IPC BAS with a thesis entitled "On the Electrochemical Deposition of Copper Coatings from Sulphuric-Acid Electrolytes in the Presence of Brightener Agents”. In 2000 he received his D.Sc. degree from IPC-BAS on the base of doctoral dissertation entitled “Immersion Treatment of Aluminum and Electrodeposition of Copper Coatings with Definite Properties”.

In 1972 he specialized for three months in the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of Professor Yu. Matulis at the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences in Vilnius, Lithuania. In the early years of his research work, he was a essential member of the collaborating team of the Institute of Physical Chemistry and the Institute of Organic Chemistry of BAS in the development of high effective technologies for electrodeposition of bright, high leveled, free of internal stress and ductile copper coatings used in the automobile and electronic   industries. As a result of these investigation efforts a number of patents were claimed, which were applied successfully in the industry. They were used in the production of more than 1,5 mil cars per year and more than 200 000 square meters of printed circuit boards per year for almost two decades in a several European countries. In this period he visited Scientific institutes, High tech companies and Factories in these countries, where he gave lectures and presented these scientific achievements.
Latter he broadened the scope of his scientific interests in the area of  electrodeposition of:  bright copper layers with heightened microhardness and wearresistance (the developed technology for production of cylinders for intaglio printing has been introduced and used for more than ten years in the U.K.);  multilayer protective-decorative and functional metal and oxide systems on Al and its alloys; as well as in the field of electrodeposition of oxide and metal layers of rear earth and tungsten metals for catalytic and protective applications. In the period 1998-2002 he is one of the main researcher in two projects financed by the EU (in collaboration with the Universities in Sevilla, Spain and Lyon and Montpellier, France) and NATO (in collaboration with Aristotle’s University, Thessalonica, Greece), where he was visiting scientist. Subject of interest are creation and characterization of oxide layers of Zr, Ce, La, Al and their mixes on stainless steel substrates, as well as the influence of the size of the crystallites of electrodeposited thin layers of  Pt, Au, Cu, Co and Ni on their catalytic activity.

The research interests of D.Stoychev include the electrodeposition (initial and advanced stages of electrocrystallization) of metals and oxide layers, their structure and properties, corrosion resistance, methods for chemical and electrochemical passivation and protection of metal surfaces using environment-friendly chemical solutions, protective-decorative and functional composite coatings. He has authored and coauthored more than 150 papers and reports and he is holder of more than 25 patents. He is Head of Laboratory “Electrocrystallization and Functional Galvanic Coatings”. He is a co-recipient (with his collaborator Assoc.Professor Dr.M.Aroyo and Dr.N.Tzonev) of the ABNER BRENNER AWARD WITH GOLD MEDAL of the American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society and of the International Technical/Educational Society for Surface Finishing for the best paper published in “PLATING AND SURFACE FINISHING “during the year 1998. He taught graduate courses in “Chemistry of constructive and exploitation materials” at the Technical University of Sofia during 15 years and has (with co-authors) a Textbook on this coarse. He has number of graduated and PhD students.
List of selected publications  

Electrodeposition of Oxide Layers on Stainless Steels

"Effects of organic additives on alumina coatings on stainless steel obtained by spray pyrolysis"
N.Radic, B.Grbic, L.Rozic, T.Novakovic, S.Petrovic, D.Stoychev, P.Stefanov
J. Non-Crystalline Solids, DOI: 10.1016/j.jnoncrysol.2011.07.006

“Corrosion stability of stainless steel, modified electrochemically with Ce2O3–CeO2 films, in 3.5% NaCl media”
D. Guergova, E. Stoyanova, D. Stoychev, I. Avramova, G. Atanasova, P. Stefanov
Bulgarian Chemical Communications, 43 (1), 155-162 (2011)

“A Study of the Kinetics of the Electrochemical Deposition of Ce3+/Ce4+ oxides”
I.Valov, D.Guergova, D.Stoychev
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“Passivity of OC404 steel modified electrochemically with Ce2O3-CeO2 oxide layers in sulphuric acid media”
E.Stoyanova, D.Guergova, D.Stoychev, I.Avramova, P.Stefanov
Electrochim. Acta”, 55(5), 1725-1732 (2010)
 « Protective effet in sulphuric acide media of alumina and ceria oxide layers electrodeposited on stainless steel « 
D.Nickolova, E. Stoyanova, D. Stoychev, I.Avramova, P. Stefanov
Surface & Coatings Technology, 202, 1876-1888 (2008).

“The thermal stability of porous alumina/stainless steel catalyst support obtained by spray pyrolysis”
T.Novakovic, N.Radic, B.Grbic, V.Donodur, M.Mitric, D.Randjelovic, D.Stoychev, P.Stefanov
Appl.Surf.Sci., 255, 3049-3055 (2008)

“Influence of Calcination of SS OC 4004 with Alumina or Ceria Layers on Their Passive State in Different Acid Media”
D. Guergova, E. Stoyanova, D. Stoychev, G.Atanasova, I.Avramova, P. Stefanov
Bulgarian  Chemical Communications, 40(3), 227-232 (2008)

“Preparation of ZrO2 and Al2O3 thin films on stainless steel by spray pyrolysis”
T.Novakovic, N.Radic, B.Grbic, D.Stoychev, P.Stefanov, T.Marinova
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“Characterization of thin CeO2-ZrO2-Y2O3 films electrochemical deposited on stainless steel “
I.Avramova, D. Stoychev and Ts. Marinova
Appl.Surf.Sci., 253, 1365-1370 (2006)

“Effect of Al and Ce oxide layers electrodeposited on OC4004 stainless steel on it’s corrosion characteristics in acid media”
E. Stoyanova D. Nikolova, , D. Stoychev, P. Stefanov, Ts. Marinova
Corrosion Sci., 48(12), 4037-4052 (2006)

“Characterisation of Mixed Yttria and Zirconia Thin Films”,
Ts. Marinova, A. Tsanev and D. Stoychev
 Mater. Sci. Eng: B, 130 (1-3), 1-4 (2006)

“Anode behaviour of stainless steel covered with an electrochemically deposited Ce2O3 – CeO2 film”
D. Nikolova, E. Stoyanova, D. Stoychev, P. Stefanov and Ts. Marinova
Surface and Coatings Technology, 201, 1559-1567 (2006)

“Characterization and catalytic activity of Cu-Co spinel thin film catalysts”
P. Stefanov, I. Avramova, D. Stoychev, N. Radic, B. Grbic, Ts. Marinova  
Appl. Surf. Sci. 245, 65 – 72(2005)

“Influence of manganese oxide on the activity of Pt/Al2O3 catalysts for CO and n-hexane oxidation”
B. Grbić, N. Radić, P. Stefanov, D. Stoychev, Ts. Marinova
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 64, 51-56 (2005)

“Application of electrochemically deposited alumina films as catalyst support”
P. Stefanov, A. Mihaylova, D. Stoychev, B. Grbić, N. Radić, Ts. Marinova
Compt. Rend. Acad. Bulg. Sci., 58 (No10), 1183-1186 (2005)

“Characterization of nanocomposite CeO2-Al2O3 coatings electrodeposited on stainless steel”
I. Avramova, P. Stefanov, D. Nicolova, D. Stoychev, Ts. Marinova
Composites Science and Technology, 65, 1663-1667 (2005)

“Characterization and reactivity of Pt/Al2O3/SS thin films”
A.Michaylova, A.Tsanev, P.Stefanov, D.Stoychev, Ts.Marinova
React.Kinet.Catal.Lett., 84 (No1), 121-127 (2005)

“Compositional and structural characterization of alumina coatings deposited electrochemically on stainless steel”
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“Electrochemical growth of thin La2O3 films on oxide and metal surfaces”
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“Thin-film coating Cu-Co oxide catalyst on lantana/zirconia films electrodeposited on stainless steel”
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Mater.Sci.Eng.C, 23/1-2, 117-121 (2002)

“Chemical Composition and Corrosion Resistance of Passive Chromate Films Formed on Stainless Steeles 616L and 1,4301”
D.Stoychev, P.Stefanov, D.Nikolova, I.Valov, Ts.Marinova
Mater.Chem.Phys., 73, 252-258 (2002) 

“Study of the kinetics of processes during electrochemical deposition of zirconia from nonaqueous electrolytes”
I.Valov, D.Stoychev, Ts.Marinova
Electrochimica Acta, 47, No28, 4419-4431 (2002)
“Investigation of the structure, content and anodic behaviour of electrochemically formed oxide layers on stainless steel 316 L”
Acta Mechanica Slovaca, 6, No2, 155-160 (2002)
“Characterisation of the Structure and Composition of Stainless Steel 316L after Electrochemical Roughening”
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”Surface Modification of Porous Zirconia Layers by Electrochemical Deposition of Small Amounts of Cu, Co and Co+Cu”
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”XPS and SEM Characterisation of Zirconia Thin Films Prepared by Electrochemical Deposition”
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“XPS, SEM and EM Characterisation of Stainless Steel 316 L Surfaces after Electrochemical Etching and Oxidizing”
P. Stefanov, D. Stoychev, M. Stoycheva, A. R. Gonzalez-Elipe and Ts. Marinova,  
Surf. Int. Anal., 28, 106-110 (1999)


Catalytic and electrocatalytic activity of electrodeposited functional layers

“ Catalytic activity of Pt catalysts promoted by MnOx for n-hexane oxidation”
M.Anić, N. Radić, B. Grbić, V. Dondur, L. Damjanović , D.Stoychev, P. Stefanov
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, DOI: 10.1016/apcatb.2011.07.032

“Preparation and Characterization of Al2O3 Thin Films for Catalytic
Activity Studies”
G. Atanasova, D. Guergova, D. Stoychev, N.Radic, B. Grbic, P. Stefanov
Solid State Phenomena, 15991-96 (2010)

“Preparation and Characterization of Catalytic Thin Films for Exhaust
Emission Control”
G. Atanasova, D. Guergova, D. Stoychev, A. Naydenov, P. Stefanov
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“Electrocatalytical activity of electrodeposited Zr-Ce-Y/Ni and Co/Zr-Ce-Y/Ni oxide systems at evolution of hydrogen and oxygen”
A.Tsanev, P.Iliev, K.Petrov, P.Stefanov, D.Stoychev
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“Electrocatalysts for bifunctional oxygen/air electrodes”
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Electrodeposition of Metal Coatings in the Presence of Surfactants – Kinetics, Adsorption, Complexformation  

“Protective coatings of zinc and zinc alloys for industrial applications”
Y.Toshev, V.Mandova, N.Boshkov, D.Stoychev, P.Petrov, N.Tsvetkova, G.Raychevski, A.Gabev,      R.Velev, K.Kostadinov
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“Влияние полиэтиленгликоля на кинетику электроосаждения меди из кислых сульфатных электролитов и физико-механические свойства осадков”(Review)
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“Эëåêòðîëèò äëÿ ìåäíåíèÿ öèëèíäðîâ ãëóáîêîé ïå÷àòè”
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Initial Stages of Electrocrystallization and Electrocatalysis

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Physicomechanical and Physicochemical Properties of Electrodeposited Metal Coatings

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Surface Treatment of Aluminium – Immersion Treatment and Deposition of Metal Layers

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